May 6, 2016

Art to the Avenue


The opening festivities for Art to the Avenue began Thursday evening on May 5th. As a board member of The Greenwich Art Council I am truly honored to have hosted this most special event along with my fellow neighbors Circa Lighting, Janice Parker Landscape Architects and Waterworks.

Exhibiting the work of six artists and photographers was more than just showing off their craft.  Perceiving the individual behind the frame imbued each piece with more meaning, giving way to a deeper understanding of each work of art. Having the opportunity to meet the artists was a wonderful experience. I also had the pleasure of meeting many of their supporters, a fabulous group of individuals that served to further illuminate the pieces on display.

I admire the Greenwich Arts Council and am proud to be a part of this magnificent event. I have always believed that art and education play an enormous role in our communities and our country. I am a strong advocate for the promotion of the arts, and I hope that Art to the Avenue continues to enrich our community for many years to come.

Please take the time to enjoy the Art on the Avenue by strolling up and down Greenwich Avenue to view the wonderful works of art…And lets not forget that the stroll begins (or ends) at 19 – 23 West Putnam Avenue. Please visit us at Sarah Blank Kitchen and Bath, or our neighbors Circa Lighting, Janice Parker Landscape Architects and Waterworks. We look forward to seeing you!




priya tambe

“I am inspired by natural imagery to create work that is beautiful and timeless; that is both familiar and mysterious at the same time; that evokes imagination, passion, and awe.”

Priya Tambe



dean cera

“…a creative synthesis of science and art revealing the architecture of the human spirit…”

Dean Cera




“Fashion authority by day, live music junkie by night, yogi, grammar nazi, beach bum and passionate photographer.”

Anne Friday



edward wilson sarah blank kitchen and bath

“Light and color remind us of the profound beauty that not only surrounds us but has the power to captivate us.”

Edward Wilson



John Maggiotto Sarah Blank Kitchen Design

John Maggiotto is an artist living in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.

 His work at Hallwalls, an alternative artists’ collective, lead to a three year position at the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC.

John Maggiotto



Our final artist does not have a website. Suzanne Gold is an art teacher at Greenwich Public Schools and is giving back to the community in a wonderful way through educating our youth, fostering creativity and sparking their imaginations. We hope that you stop by our studio between now and May 30th to see her work on display.



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