October 28, 2013

Biedermeier Style

(photos by 1st Dibs and A Schematic Life)

“I just love the simplicity of a Beidemier chair for a breakfast area or a dining room.”



The Biedermeier style was born at the start of the 1800s, in a rich city which for many centuries had been the cultural and political center of Europe.

Following the Napoleonic wars and the Congress of Vienna (which had lasted nine long months), there was a great wish to return to normality.

Celebration erupted within the many palaces of France following the French Revolution and the succeeding Napoleonic Empire.

A long period of peace generated an economic boom with an increase in consumerism, creating a party atmosphere. With this new quality of day-to-day life, a style of refinement was born.

Certain elements were taken from classical architecture and to a lesser extent from the style of the empire.

The simplicity and harmony within the arrangement of furniture, reflected more comfortable and well – appointed homes, simultaneously maintaining the principles of the Biedermeier style. These rules and principles remain to this day.



Sarah A. Blank



Sarah Blank Design Studio is a high-end architectural design firm that specializes in kitchens, butler’s pantries, libraries, and master bedrooms, bath suites.  The firm works predominantly in Fairfield County and Westchester County. Our award winning firm, with 33 years of experience, often works beyond the kitchens and baths of a clients home, and designs the architectural interiors for many of the projects that have been commissioned.