June 4, 2015

Contemporary Kitchens

In this relentlessly fast-paced world of design and technology, let’s stop, catch our breath for a moment, and take a look at what defines a ‘contemporary’ kitchen today.

We now live in the very public, noisy arena of Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so it is not surprising that, in the private sector, we crave uncluttered, ordered and soothing spaces. This is especially true for the kitchen, where ideally, all the materials blend seamlessly together to create a holistic environment that is organic, simple and safe.


As we lead healthier lives with more exercise and better diets, we cook at home farm-to-table meals with the best organic ingredients. Though we want a greener earth for our children, paradoxically, many kitchens are still being coated with high-gloss polyester paints that contain a high volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Fortunately, there are now more organic paints and finishes available that are low to no VOC.

As opposed to the ubiquitous linoleum floors of yesteryear, there are now numerous stone and wood floorcovering options. With natural woods that are rift sawn (the grain runs in the same direction), the floor will need to be varnished with an earth-friendly coating. Also, with so many more options and products at hand, it is important to remember that inspiration should come from the home itself. With a thoughtful integration of the house’s exterior and interior architecture, a kitchen (or any room for that matter), can be contemporary, while still respecting the original style of the home.