February 28, 2014

Design Trends Today

I am often asked, “What are the newest design trends today? When answering this question I always think of the architectural style of my client’s home. Whether I am looking at a Georgian colonial or a contemporary home, I support an aesthetic design of the kitchen that respects the architectural style of the home. Next, I emphasize the importance of designing a kitchen foundation that is classically proportioned, this way the trends can be brought forth within the accents of the design. This does not mean that one cannot tweak a framing bead on a door or keep the cabinetry simple. The style of a classic door can change in character just by its style and rail sizes. This is a discipline that will allow the foundation of the room to be everlasting. The millwork in the home should last the lifetime of the home. Once the character is established in the foundation, one can bring in the trend by articulating the style of the hardware, the stools, the cushions, pendant lights, the table and chairs, the fabric for curtains, and so on. Trends come in and out, but classic design is timeless. By incorporating trends in accents, clients can apply trends without completely renovating their spaces each time.




Sarah A. Blank



Sarah Blank Design Studio is a high-end architectural design firm that specializes in high-end kitchens, butler’s pantries, libraries, and master bedrooms, bath suites.  The firm works predominantly in Fairfield County and Westchester County. Our award winning firm, with 33 years of experience, often works beyond the kitchens and baths of a client’s home, and designs the architectural interiors for many of the projects that have been commissioned.