December 28, 2013

Fairfax & Sammons

Fairfax & Sammons is an internationally recognized firm of classical architects specializing in residential architectural design.  Richard and Anne are, and will always be, the two architects in my life that became my mentors early on in my career.  I am forever grateful.

In their own words they are “..committed to the tradition of architecture and firmly believe that classicism, be it expressed informally or formally, in the domestic realm offers creative solutions, both timeless and beautiful.”

They have instilled in me, along with my own personal convictions and passion for learning, the importance of knowing the history, origins, and development of a structure in order to design timeless kitchens, baths, and master closet suites (the backstage of a home).

I must understand the history, but certainly not be a slave to it. Your home and its architectural content is one of your most important purchases, as well as an innate part of your life. The design process to reach your ultimate design goals has a due process that one must go through. Small or large, it is still the same progression.

We are here to share our knowledge in order for you, our client, to reach your ultimate goal: a beautiful, functional space.





Sarah A. Blank