How We Work

We are a boutique design firm in Fairfield and Litchfield County Connecticut serving clients across the US , England and Europe. Our goal is to design functional and beautiful spaces that are unique to your needs and your aesthetic beauty. Well organized and easy to live in.


Full-Service Design

A Sarah Blank Designed kitchen is custom-designed for your space and lifestyle. As Principal Designer, Sarah will handle all aspects of your kitchen design, bath design, and actually work on any part of the home. Space planning can make all the difference in an organized with good storage in a primary bedroom suite, or a kitchen, Back of house as we call it. We work and coordinate with your architect (if you have one) architect’s meetings, initial drafting, and layout, to deliveries and supervision of the installation. Our goal is for our collaboration with you be efficient, fun and creative, resulting in a cohesive design for your kitchen, bath or any room that you feel is not optimized.

Our clients keep coming back. we seem to always start in the kitchen and this leads to other parts of the home and then to other homes. With a 43 year career we not only work with clients year after year we are also working with their grown children now.


See below for the design process fully exectued plans, schedules, construction documents 

  • Selection, sourcing, and ordering of appliances, plumbing fixtures, countertops, hardware, lighting, and other finishes
  • Cabinetry design and fabrication
  • Coordination with all trade professionals


The Full-Service Design Process

1 Consult
We will assess your space and discuss your vision & project goals

2 Measurements
We will work off architect’s drawings or our CAD professionals will professionally measure.

3 Floorplan
Floor plans and elevations are created to communicate the design. Should a professional 3D rendering be requested we can provide this. A professional rendering looks like an actual completed design and is always helpful to a client. Keep in mind to benefit from this service most decisions are made.

4 Design Details
Space planning to optimize storage is our expertise. We will refine the plan until it feels just right.

5 Millwork
Millwork and cabinetry details are refined once the layout is approved.

6 Sourcing
Select and order appliances, lighting, hardware, and other finishes.

7 Cabinetry
Final measurements are taken, cabinets are ordered & fabricated

8 Installation
Installation of the cabinetry and all design elements to complete your design.


Book a Consult

We would be thrilled to help you with your design. Whereever you are!

Our video consultations are a great way for us to help you with small tweaks or a big overhaul of your kitchen plans.