April 8, 2016

Break the Mold With These Kitchen Color Options

Say goodbye to boring and break free from the misconception that many homeowners have that says the kitchen must be white. Sure, neutral tones can be elegant, but so can shades of blue and green when executed to perfection! If you’re looking to put a unique spin on your luxury kitchen design, here are a few options to consider to take your color palette to the top.

Hues of Blue – Nothing says cool, crisp and natural like a nice blue. Pair blue cabinets with a white marble countertop, and add some pops of complimentary yellow for a warm, cozy feel.

blue kitchen design

Back to Black – Go bold with dramatic black cabinetry, paired with stainless steel appliances and light neutral accents. For a more classic look, consider a dark marble or cherry wood countertop. If modern is what your after, pair black cabinets with white marble for a sharper contrast.

black kitchen design

Gorgeous Green – Think soft and subtle with sage green. Consider painting your cabinets, or using this color in your backsplash. This warm and cozy hue brings the lavish green of the outdoors right into your kitchen. Pair with creams and other natural tones, and accessorize with plenty of plants and botanical decor.

soft green kitchen design


Burnt Orange/Mellow Yellow – Dare to be different with a bright orange color palette. Incorporating burnt orange tones with dark browns and blacks will create a warmth that even your double oven can’t match! Worried this might be too dramatic for your taste? Consider working orange in with your backsplash and accent pieces instead.

monticello yellow
Monticello Yellow: Not a kitchen, but this dining room designed by Thomas Jefferson is warm and inviting.


Radiant Red – Spice up your neutral kitchen with a pop of red on the walls, or upper cabinetry. When executed correctly, adding red against an otherwise subdued backdrop can liven up the space and create interest.

kitchen design red range

No matter what color palette or design style you’re after, my team and I are here to help you execute your unique kitchen vision to perfection.

To learn how we can help you create the luxurious, eye-catching kitchen you’ve been dreaming of, call the Sarah Blank Design Studio at 203-655-6900 or visit our showroom in Greenwich, CT.