March 1, 2018

Kitchen Design Tips

Designing your kitchen on your own or with a professional designer is always a challenge. From the aesthetic, to the execution to the completion there is so much to decide. As a professional kitchen designer, I’m going to take this opportunity to share a few tips on getting started.

ct kitchen designer

The fun part is searching for your dream kitchen. I suggest that you collect images of what style you want your new kitchen to be. Start by going to Google, or other search engines, then check out sites like Pinterest for ideas. Open a Pinterest account of your own and save images on your idea boards. Or search the Houzz site, where 1000s of designers share their work, then consider Dering Hall for upscale ideas.. Another source of wonderful ideas is instagram, and yes, of course Facebook.

When selecting these images try to understand and think about the image and how it pertains to the architecture of your home or the kitchen you wish to build. For example, if you have a kitchen window over a sink and no other windows in the kitchen, then right from the start note that lighting will be important. If you select an image that has a wall of windows and this is what you want, make sure that you have an exterior wall that will accommodate it. Your goal of selecting images that are pertinent to your space is very important. You need a starting point in order to move forward.

ct kitchen designer

As a kitchen professional, I of course have images on all these platforms; where you can gather ideas. So start your homework and we will see you next time!