December 31, 2013

Molteni Range

If you are looking for a luxurious, professional grade stove for your kitchen, a Molteni range is an excellent choice.  These exquisite ranges are hand crafted from cast iron and brass components.  With custom enamel surfaces and other details, your range can be built to perfectly fit into any kitchen design.


Podium II would be a great island
Podium II would be a great island


Each Molteni range not only looks like a piece of art, but incorporates the most advanced cooking technology for the ideal combination of artisan perfection and innovative design.  Made in the South of France, these ranges feature traditional gas functions but also use technology such as induction plates.  Molteni prides itself on attention to detail and the highest possible craftsmanship, which really shows in the performance of their products.


Beautiful details.

With so many options for size, style, color, and other customizations, a Molteni range is appropriate for any part of the kitchen.  For clients with a passion for cooking and entertaining, a Molteni range will provide unmatched quality and versatility.  Each appliance is built to the client’s exact specifications, ensuring each piece is unique and ideally suited to the client.




Sarah A. Blank



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