August 26, 2017

The Detour That Led Me To Design A Kitchen For One Kings Lane


It was a dreary rainy Spring but the Summer was exciting and fast paced. This glorious summer, I was approached by Debbie Propst, President of One Kings Lane, (and buyer of my home in New Canaan), to design a permanent kitchen in OKL’s first bricks and mortar seasonal store in Southampton. It was a new experience for me because when I work with clients the goal is both form and function; which of course includes appliances, appropriate fixtures, plumbing and the lot. For OKL, I knew the result was intended to be purely aesthetic; cabinetry to display their decorative pieces as well as their kitchenware and other products.


My design inspiration had to be aligned with the OKL ‘look and feel’ as well as the specific products they would be displaying. The soft blue color was chosen to be a neutral backdrop for product as well as highlight the lighting fixtures above the center island.


The best part of the assignment was working with the OKL marketing and sales team, as well as, Debbie,”the leader,” a galvanizing force. The concept of the first seasonal store for One Kings Lane has been a big success for them as well as me. I feel like I have a mini showroom in the Hamptons now.


And not only has the store been successful, but so have the planned events, like our live stream on Facebook. Today, building your personal brand is just as important as building your company’s brand — in fact, it might even be more important. Clients want to hear the story behind the owners. This means putting yourself out there and marketing yourself in addition to your business. Thank you One Kings Lane for giving me the perfect opportunity to build the Sarah Blank Design brand.