July 16, 2013

Possibly America’s Oldest Intact Pantry


The Theron Boyd Homestead, in Quechee Vermont may be home to the oldest pantry in the United States.  A Georgian Farmhouse built in 1786; the home is now managed by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.  Virtually untouched and in it’s original state, the home was last occupied in 1986, and its only modern amenity is a cast-iron sink with running water.  The pantry is located in the northwest corner of the main home next to the kitchen. Many of the shelves have decorative scalloped brackets, which are unusual for such a utilitarian space. Paint analysis tells us that the room has never been altered or renovated. The old American pantry, dating back to 1786, has shelves, large counters and a window.

antique bottles


This pantry is likely the oldest and best example of an American pantry that has been unaltered from its time period.



Sarah A. Blank



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