May 17, 2013

Steps to Prevent Etching on Marble and Limestone Countertops

More and more clients are selecting marble and limestone for their countertops. With these kinds of countertops it is important to be aware of Etching. Etching occurs when an acid makes contact with the countertop’s sealer. The sealer is typically removed by the acid ultimately leaving you with spots on the countertop.

Here are some things to consider if you have marble or limestone countertops and some tips to help minimize etching:

  •  Typically limestone or marble on a countertop is honed and sealed. The sealant is sensitive to acids and numerous cleansing agents.
  •  Make sure that the countertops are honed properly.  A surface with a satin finish seems to etch more.
  •  If the water to your home is well water I would suggest using a softener. If you do not have a softener, then a dishwasher that allows you to add salt will help. The harder your water is, the more likely it is to leave spots on your countertops.
  •  When clients find that glasses are leaving rings on their countertops, we typically advise them to use an organic dishwashing detergent in their dishwashers, rather than the stronger commercial ones that are available. Residue from hard detergents on your glassware can affect your countertop’s finish.
  •  Keep in mind, there are companies that provide annual maintenance to help keep your countertops properly maintained and to ensure that they last a very long time.
  •  Before you make a final selection on your countertop material, please see that the material you are selecting comfortably suits your lifestyle.


Sarah A. Blank



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