January 14, 2014

The Importance of Lighting, Part 1

When working in an existing space, there are times a client will pose restraints on the designer that I have learned over the years to work with and still, in the end, achieve a successful completion.

There are, however, those times when what seems to be a “small existing condition” could turn out to involve hours of painstaking work.  When a client elects to keep an existing light fixture, one must realize that all hope is not lost.  The lamp, more commonly known as the light bulb, can throw off a pink hue or a yellow hue. This does not have to be something you live with or work around.  There are arrays of lamp manufacturers and, through kelvin rating and various lumens, a lamp can give off different types of light.

So, when selecting cabinet colors, floor samples, and paint colors, be sure that the lamps in the room are giving off the correct color.  When I need that added advice about lighting, I always refer to a professional. They can be relied on to help and guide you to the right source.

Surface mounted and pendant fixtures are always my first choice. They add warmth and character to a kitchen.




Adjustable flangeless recessed lights, square or round. Clean and simple!
Adjustable flangeless recessed lights, square or round. Clean and simple!


The LED light for under cabinet lighting is clean and easy to use. My preference would be for built in.



Sarah A. Blank




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