September 7, 2015

Top 10 Kitchen Accessories

Part of what makes a good design functional is making sure that the accessories used in your kitchen are the most efficient for your needs.

Some may seem like a good idea, but when you really take a look at them they take up more space than it’s worth. Many of these items have clearances that need to be looked at and they must be installed properly. My job always is to make sure they fit the allotted space and work to their full capacity.

Below are ten kitchen accessories that I find work very well for my clients.

1. Hafele Magic Corner II


hafele magic corner
photo credit: Hafele


Hafele’s “Magic Corner II” offers great and efficient storage in a corner cabinet, if you have the space. My staff and I love it and know that it holds up. We have also worked out adding a roll out above it which certainly maximizes every bit of space.


2. A Built-in Trash and Composting Area.


trash and compost

In a kitchen, a built in trash area is of the utmost importance. Composting organic food waste is simple and easy with the right set up. If you have ample room for a double trash and compost, I always recommend adding one.


3. A Drawer For Knives


photo credit: NEFF


If you really enjoy cooking, it is important that you have easy access to the tools that you use most. Having a handy area for knives is key. Personally, I find that keeping them in a drawer is the safest bet. There are many different styles of drawer organizers; you can select one based on your needs. Here is a great set up by ‪#‎NEFF‬ – as you can see, everything has its place.


4. Pre-Arranged Drawer Space


SBlankDes.10.17.140224 3

I have found that drawers that are prearranged for accessories are wonderful. Some people may say that they are too confined. However, my clients LOVE them. It is nice when there is a designated space for items to help you stay organized.


5. A Pull-Out For Oil & Spices



Having spices and olive oil readily available is critical while you are cooking. Some clients are concerned about heat from their range. Because a range is so well insulated today, having a pull out next to the range is convenient and easily visible.


6. A Place For Family Heirlooms


china cabinet

Family heirlooms should always be considered when designing a kitchen or butler’s pantry. Allocating a nice place to display valuable family inheritances like fine china is always appreciated.

7. A Home For Silver



Silver always needs a home. If not stored properly, silver can tarnish. To prevent the corrosion of my client’s silver, we designed the drawer pictured. A silvercloth lined cabinet or lined drawer keeps your fondest memories clean and safe.

8. Cutting Boards Throughout


cutting board in white kitchen

Most clients love the idea of integrated cutting boards. They are convenient and readily accessible when you need them.

9. Glideware Pan Holder


photo credit: Glideware


10. Roll Outs




You should not have to bend down and reach into a cabinet to find something. When designing, Sarah always takes into consideration each and every cabinet interior. Roll outs can be made in all shapes and sizes depending on what is being stored.






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