March 23, 2015

Would An Open Kitchen Floor Plan Work For You?

The Architectural Digest show ran from March 19th through 22nd. At the lecture THE ART & SCIENCE OF SOURCING THE KITCHEN the panel discussed the open floor plan kitchen as the direction of today – that an open land is the layout of choice…

 Being a kitchen designer for 34 years my first thought was shouldn’t we ask the homeowner what their preference is? There are a series of questions that need to be asked before an open plan can be decided upon. I often find myself asking the client, how does your family interact? Do they like being together while you are cooking? Many times I hear “We lived with an open plan design and it was too noisy for me,” or “..when the TV was on I found it disruptive.” Yet, I also hear “An open kitchen is wonderful for entertaining,” or “I really love the flow of unbroken space.”

 So, there are several things to consider if you are thinking about an open kitchen.

One important consideration is storage capacity. An open floor plan means the dismissal of a wall of storage. If you omit a wall of tall storage or a base and counter, having ample replacement storage important.

An open layout can be beautiful, and if you are worried about having enough places to contain your other belongings, keep in mind there are alternatives. Incorporating a pantry closet becomes a large relief to the storage demands. Take into consideration that the entire wall does not necessarily have to come down. An opening flanked with tall storage allows you to have the best of both worlds.


open floor plan kitchen
This is an example of a kitchen with an open floor plan.


kitchen open floor plan into living room
Here is an open kitchen layout as viewed from the living room.

An open floor plan can be stunning. The decision of whether or not to spring for one is based on meeting all of the homeowner’s criteria – that’s what says whether or not a wall comes down.






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