May 3, 2016

Institute of Classical Architecture and Art | Arthur Ross Awards

photo: Classically inspired kitchen and butler’s pantry in a home collaborated on with esteemed architect Richard Franklin Sammons


For the past 35 years the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art holds the Annual Arthur Ross Awards in the Mckim, Mead and White designed University Club at 1 West 54th St. There are no words to describe how much I enjoy this historical event.

The Arthur Ross Awards honor architects, educators, designers, artists, and others who have devoted a lifetime to the preservation and continuation of the classical tradition. Their commitment to the enrichment of our cities, towns and our communities shows us that learning from the past shapes and guides us to a better future.

As a classically trained kitchen and bath designer, I have a responsibility to devise seamlessly functional rooms for my clients and their families, as well as a duty to shape designs that can be viewed by the masters of tomorrow as beautifully integrated into the architectural settings. Through studying yesterday’s masters, we develop works of art of proper proportion for tomorrow. I have embraced this mode through reading, traveling, and continually sketching historical architecture. This training has tuned my eye to design, ingraining classical theories, rules and principles into my own work.

I thank you Arthur Ross for your wisdom, knowledge and foresight, as the winners of this honorable award carry your vision, as well as the visions of Palladio and Vitruvius forward. I am honored to be taught by all of these masters as I continue to learn and incorporate the classical language into every project that I create.



Past winners of the Arthur Ross Awards have included distinguished architects David Easton, John Milner, Allan Greenberg, Robert A. M. Stern, Ferguson & Shamamian, Fairfax & Sammons, expert artisans Miriam Ellner, Brunschwig & Fils, sculptors Simon Verity, Edward J. Fraughton, interior designer Thomas Jayne, and many, many more.

This year architect Duncan G. Stroik, the collaborators on Ciudad Cayalá Léon Krier, Maria Fernanda Sánchez, Pedro Pablo Godoy, and Hector Leal, educator Robert A.M. Stern, photographer Anne Day, and SCAD President Paula Wallace were all announced the winners of the 2016 Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition. For more on The Institute, visit the following:


Classical Architecture and Art Awards Dinner Arthur Ross Architect
Attendees at the University Club for the Arthur Ross Awards Dinner


Attendees at the Arthur Ross Awards for Classical Architecture
Attendees at the Arthur Ross Awards