May 9, 2016

Advice from a Kitchen Designer « Choosing The Right Refrigerator For Your Home

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As a kitchen designer I find that there are so many people, places and things that inspire me. Whether I am creating fine kitchen cabinets, baths, architectural millwork – or an everlasting, functional kitchen – I must ensure that the design fundamentals are going to meet today’s challenges. I must consider the integration of the kitchen cabinetry into the architecture, and that the appliances function and fit seamlessly. Whether I am designing a chef’s kitchen where stainless is the dominant aesthetic, or a family kitchen where most of the appliances are concealed, it is important that there is harmony.

There are many built-in refrigerators that have been prominent in the market over the years, yet there are two European units and one American company that I have researched during the 30+ years that I’ve been a kitchen designer that I’ve come to love – Gaggenau, Miele and True. I have no particular loyalty to any. They all have dominated the market now for their precision; their attention to detail is bar none. I’ll be writing a blog on each, and the first product that I’ll touch upon is by Gaggenau.


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Gaggenau towers in my client’s modern Palm Beach kitchen


Gaggenau’s modular, fully built-in refrigerator columns have many options for sizes and combinations available to suit the homeowner’s needs. This unit is for the individual who wants greater control in cooking and preparation. I spend a great deal of time with Chef Jehan at Albano Appliance who is endlessly cooking, as well as teaching me the wonderful advantages of this unit. Looking is one thing, putting to use is another. Gaggenau’s sleek, fully integrated appliances not only look great, but function beautifully even for the most fastidious chefs. This particular unit has a stainless interior with column LED lighting. A motorized glass shelf can be raised or lowered with ease even while at full capacity, while gliding door shelves allow for a quick change in location when storing a deep platter.

I always purchase organic fruits and vegetables. They are more sensitive since they are not riddled with preservatives or pesticides, and require a refrigerator that maintains a steady temperature and moisture for longer freshness. Here precise temperature refrigeration technology preserves freshness. The drawers themselves have a temperature control that is top of the line in terms of its accuracy.

gaggenau refrigeration
Gaggenau’s Vario 400 series source: Gaggenau


The Gaggenau towers that I designed to fit into my client’s modern Palm Beach kitchen allowed me to create equal size towers (one all-refrigerator, and one refrigerator/freezer). I believe that it is key for a kitchen designer – or any designer for that matter – to get to know their client’s needs. In this custom kitchen two refrigerators were required to provide ample space for food and beverages. If more freezer is necessary, we often find a place in a mud room, or back area. Why take up prime real estate in a kitchen for a freezer that primarily is for long term storage?


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See below for some more information on Gaggenau refrigerators, and a short video about the 400 series.

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source: Gaggenau



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