White Kitchen


Life is busy. Our families are going in many different directions, whether it be school, a soccer game, or piano lessons, we are constantly in motion. At the end of the day, the extended table off of the island pictured acts as a gathering place. The kitchen fulfills the demands of day to day activities. There is so much to accomplish when designing a successful kitchen. I have always compared the kitchen to a symphony. It is a finely tuned room that, if all the parts are in place, performs beautifully, much like an orchestra. When all of the instruments are played to their best ability, the performance can be magnificent. This kitchen has details that were set in this home in the early 1900s. Clean lines and an elegant, glass backsplash, brings this kitchen well into the 21st century. Now it is a room with an education from the past, and the components for the future.

“Old houses are alive. All you have to do is pick up the thread and go with it. There is something reassuring about them that you don't find in modern dwellings. A new space has to be tamed. It takes a lot of energy and quite a bit of intuition.”
—Pierre Passebon, Antiquaire

Photographer: Stacy Bass
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