Spanish Revival


Prior to the beginning of this wonderful project, we were approached by the owner who was also interviewing architects. After reviewing several design submittals, she returned to show us potential additions. Built as a summer residence for Frank Laforge in the 1930s, this magnificent home was worthy of an architect who would respect the proportions, simplicity, and grandeur of this Darien, Connecticut home. Before we could begin on the kitchen, which would require an incredible amount of planning and detail, an architect needed to be selected. I strongly felt that Sheldon Kostelecky was the ideal candidate and the homeowner agreed. Needless to say, all the hard work paid off.

“The drama of this interior doesn’t come from the obvious; it comes from the strength of the point of view. The rooms are sets—not for theater, but for living.”
—Vicente Wolf

Photographer: Stacy Bass
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