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If you are looking for a luxurious, professional grade stove for your kitchen, a Molteni range is an excellent choice.  These exquisite ranges are hand crafted from cast iron and brass components.  With custom enamel surfaces and other details, your range can be built to perfectly fit into any kitchen design.     Each Molteni... Read the full article
Fairfax & Sammons is an internationally recognized firm of classical architects specializing in residential architectural design.  Richard and Anne are, and will always be, the two architects in my life that became my mentors early on in my career.  I am forever grateful. In their own words they are “..committed to the tradition of architecture... Read the full article
(photos by 1st Dibs and A Schematic Life) “I just love the simplicity of a Beidemier chair for a breakfast area or a dining room.”     The Biedermeier style was born at the start of the 1800s, in a rich city which for many centuries had been the cultural and political center of Europe.... Read the full article
    What is most important to you and your family? For most, it is love, security, and spending quality time together. When reflecting on the times spent together, we often find that many memories took place in the kitchen – especially during the holidays.The kitchen is truly the hub of the home. Each year,... Read the full article
A Kent Knife cleaner can be seen in the Hildene Estate, the historic home of Robert Todd Lincoln located in Manchester Vermont.  Found in many classic homes of the late 19th century and early 20th century, Kent Knife Cleaners were once a sought after tool for the American homemaker. Now antiques, these machines were made... Read the full article
The Morris–Jumel Mansion, also known as the Roger and Mary Philipse Morris House, “Mount Morris” is located at 65 Jumel Terrace in Roger Morris Park in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. It was built in 1765 by Roger Morris, a British military officer, and served as a headquarters for both the... Read the full article
A place where architecture and interior design for kitchens began, the pantry is a transitional space between kitchens and dining rooms.  Also used as staging areas for serving meals, the Butler’s pantry could be visible to guests. Therefore, the pantry required more of an aesthetic appeal than its neighboring space, the kitchen.  As a result,... Read the full article
More and more clients are selecting marble and limestone for their countertops. With these kinds of countertops it is important to be aware of Etching. Etching occurs when an acid makes contact with the countertop’s sealer. The sealer is typically removed by the acid ultimately leaving you with spots on the countertop. Here are some... Read the full article
I find that an organized well thought-out dressing room is where I compose my day in the morning as I am getting dressed. What a great feeling it is to have a place for all of my belongings.  If my surroundings are organized than my mind is clear to think and persevere. At the end of the... Read the full article